Religious Education

St Edward's is a Roman Catholic Primary School, which strives to provide a high quality Catholic education for all children who attend the school, supported by the parents of its children and the local community. We work closely in partnership with the Diocese of Salford and were graded 'Outstanding' in our last Section 48 Inspection:

'St Edward's is an outstanding Catholic primary school offering the children a rich faith experience alongside rapidly improving standards.'

As a school, we are judged under three overarching criteria for how the school lives out its mission and the work of formation. These are:

  1. The Catholic Life of the School
  2. Religious Education
  3. Collective Worship

As a school, the RE Curriculum is based on the Liturgical Calendar and also the schemes of work recommended by the Diocese of Salford, particularly Come & See. The Come and See scheme is developed through three themes: Church, Sacrament and Christian Living. Also, during the year, the children are provided with opportunities to explore other faiths including: Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism. As part of their Religious Education, children are given the opportunity to study, reflect on and interpret sacred scripture (Lectio Divina); challenge their thinking further through Reflect and Respond activities and ask 'Big Questions' about their faith and the world around them.

Caritas in Action & Life to the Full

The children at St Edward's are taught SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education) through their learning and with the support of the Caritas in Action document. It is fundamental that all children are to be spiritually, morally, socially and culturally educated. The Caritas in Action document has been produced by the Salford Diocese as a response to Catholic Social Teaching, which calls us all as Catholics to work for the common good, help build a just society, uphold the dignity of human life and work for justice and the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, especially those in the greatest need. To comply with the statutory delivery of Relationship and Health Education (RHE), St Edward's follows the Life to the Full programme, which can be explore further here: Relationship & Health Education (RHE)