Friends of St Edwards - FOSE

'Friends of St Edward's' is a group of parents, carers and grandparents that meet socially and organise events to raise funds for the school and the Parish Community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in.

The group are an official PTA

At the last AGM,  roles of the officials were agreed and appointed.

Chair Person   -   Clare Dervan who has a  child in Year 2

Vice Chair   - Helen Evans who has a child in Year 5 

Secretary   - Jennifer Riley who has children in Year 4 and Year 6

Treasurer - Lynsey Lees who has a children in  Year 2 and Year 5

Vice Treasurer   - Julia Nield who has children in Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6

 other committee members  also appointed

Julie Power, Leanne Harris, Nicola Jablonski, Charlotte Finlan and

Miss Kerr  (teacher)

 FOSE raised £ 6900.00 from fundraising in 2022-2023

What a fantastic achievement. Thank you to everyone that helps to organise, donates to  and supports these fundraising events that mean we can buy much needed resources for  our school.

See the Newsletter lnk for details of what the fundraising has been spent on. 




FOSE Friends 

If you would like to help FOSE as and when you have time, please email

We'll add you to our WhatsApp group and if we need help we can contact you and ask for help. If you can, brilliant! If you can't, we will ask next time. 

Recycle4school- clothing bank in situated near the nursery buildin. You can drop off unwanted good condition clothes and shoes when school is open.

 Uniform -We are still collecting good condition used uniform, if you can donate please email and we will arrange collection.  If you need anything, please get in touch