Woodpecker - Year 3 & Year 4


We have had a VERY exciting morning. Mrs Lee visited Hogwarts over the Christmas break and brought back to mysterious ingredients. 

After receiving an email asking for the ingredients for their potions back (after we had already mixed them and they’d exploded), there were some very worried faces in our class.

Luckily after spending an afternoon potion mixing, we managed to work out the ingredients to send back!

This half term, we will be looking at peculiar potions, reading Harry Potter and applying to be wizards and witches, as well as studying some of Hogwarts’ curriculum! It’s going to be magic!




  Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday     Thursday         Friday

  Maths                     Spelling                Spelling                  Guitars                 Maths 

  Reading                  Reading               Reading                  Reading               Reading                                  

  Literacy                  Literacy                Literacy                  Maths                   Literacy

  RE                            Topic                     PE                             ICT                         Art

  Science                   Science                 RE                            French                 


  Wednesday and Thursday PE lessons

  Full PE kit required including indoor & outdoor footwear and a jacket