Toucan - Reception & Year 1

'There was a mysterious string in Reception/YR1, we followed it to find a balloon and inside was a key. What could it unlock?

  • Last half term the Reception/ Year 1 children focused on the topic 'houses and homes'. They have built different models using a range of construction materials whilst role playing in the builders yard and have created a junk modelling display of their houses.
  • They have been investigating properties of different materials and doing experiments to find out which materials are waterproof.
  • The children have really enjoyed particular stories in this topic especially 'The 3 Little Pigs' and have been acting it out with different resources.

Reception/ Year 1 have also loved learning about the season changes in Autumn, going on nature hunts around school and doing maths activities with natural objects.




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          PE for Mrs Ballan’s Toucan class is on Tuesday

          Pupils will need PE Kit - black shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps.


Reception and year one came to class to find a washing line with some underpants and a talking parrot!?

After reading the story Pirates love underpants we've written some lovely rhyming sentences to help the parrot finish his story.