Sparrow - Year 3 & Year 4






  Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday     Thursday         Friday

  Maths                     Spelling                Spelling                  Guitars                 Maths 

  Reading                  Reading               Reading                  Reading               Reading                                  

  Literacy                  Literacy                Literacy                  Maths                   Literacy

  RE                            Topic                     PE                             ICT                         Art

  Science                   Science                 RE                            French                 


  Wednesday and Thursday PE lessons

  Full PE kit required including indoor & outdoor footwear and a jacket

Spellings  - Click on the links below for the Spelling rules in Woodpecker class.

Year 3 Spellings

Year 4 Spellings 

Sparrow Class Prayers 

Morning Prayer

            Dear God,

Help us to make the right choices and be respectful            ,

Help us to follow learn, love, smile and believe,

Help us with our work and to be the best we can be,

Help us to be kind, helpful and confident,

Help us to care for others and our school,

Help us to show grace to other children in the world and have a nice day,


 Afternoon prayer

            Dear God,

Thank you for giving us a loving and safe school,

Thank you for our uniform and school family and friends,             

Thank you for excellent equipment and games for the playground,

Thank you for helping me to try my best,

Thank you for the food we eat and water we drink,

Thank you for helping us through the day,

Thank you for the opportunity to follow my heart.