St Edward's RC School

Love. Learn. Smile. Believe.


Hummingbird - Year 5 & Year 6  

Ms C O'Toole 

Hummingbird Class Prayers 

 Morning Prayer

      Dear God,

      Thank you for blessing me with life, enabling me to wake up this morning.  Guide me through the day in helping others and in my        learning.  Help me to follow Your Golden Rule; to treat others as I would like to be treated.

      Thank you for the teachers and staff that will teach and care for me today.

      We pray for our world and all the people and animals in it.  We especially pray for Luna, Henry and all our pets.

      In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray.

      Amen (it is so).

  Evening Prayer

      Dear Lord,

      Thank you for giving me a home and for blessing me with life.  Guide me to You when I need You most, so that I take comfort in            Your love.

      Thank you for helping me through the day, especially when times have been tricky.

       Thank you for my friends, my family and our school community.