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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium funding supports the way our school can provide for key groups of children to achieve their full potential. The funding is used to provide a range of experiences for children to meet their needs. Some children need extra support and we use the Pupil Premium to ensure that we can provide support for this.

School have the freedom to spend Pupil Premium money as they see fit, however schools are held accountable for the progress and achievement of those students in receipt of the funding.

Children eligible for the Pupil Premium

  • Pupils on roll entitled to Free School Meals.
  • Children eligible for Free School Meals at any time in the last 6 years. (Ever 6)
  • Pupils in the care of the local authority.
  • Pupils with a parent in the Armed Services.
  • Pupils who were previously looked after and then adopted, or under special guardianship, or residency order on or after 30th December 2005.
You can read about how we intend to use our Pupil Premium funding by downloading our three-year Pupil Premium strategy 
covid-19 catch-up premium

The catch-up premium is funded on a per pupil basis at £80 per pupil. This will be based on the previous year’s census and will not include Nursery numbers - this will equate to just short of £20,000 for St Edward's. The spending of this money will be down to schools to allocate as they see best


You can read about how we intend to use our Catch-up Premium funding by downloading our Funding Plan.

Catch Up is:

(For all children)

  • Working through well sequenced, purposeful learning schemes
  • Focus on consolidation of basic skills
  • Additional lesson time on core teaching.
  • Particular focus on early reading and phonics
  • Assessment of learning and of basic skills to identify major gaps
  • Time spent on mental health, wellbeing and social skills development.

 (For some children)

  • Additional support and focus on basic core skills.
  • Additional time to practice basic skills.

Catch up IS NOT:

  • Cramming missed learning
  • Pressuring children and families into rapid learning
  • Teachers time spent highlighting missed objectives
  • Teachers time spent ticking off assessment points and extra tracking