St Edward's RC School

Love. Learn. Smile. Believe.


Curriculum Overview

 Click here to download a detailed curriculum statement.

At St Edward’s we want our curriculum to be as exciting and interesting for our children as possible. We want our children to be enthusiastic and lifelong learners with a passion for learning. We also want to make sure they are literate, numerate, good communicators and have all necessary skills to equip them to succeed in life. We want them to show respect, love and understanding for all people and the world around them- to love, learn, smile and believe and always do their best.

We also follow the St Edward’s to help us teach other subjects and deliver the curriculum in a fun and exciting way. The topic plan for this year can be found on the website but this is only part of the rich, varied and exciting curriculum we provide at St Edward’s. Much more information on the curriculum is provided each term in the classes section on the website and you are always welcome to come and talk to us about the curriculum.

We want to foster a love of learning for all children and our curriculum to be rich, diverse, broad, exciting and challenging. We work with our children, parents, governors and other partners to enrich and develop our curriculum to be the best it can be.


Click on the links below to see the Year Alpha cycle for 2020 - 2021. This will tell you what is being taught in each class this year:

Class  Curriculum Information

 Mrs Ballan  - Robin  Nursery

 Mrs O'Connell- Owl Reception

Mrs Hindle- Parrot Reception & Year 1

Miss Aylett - Puffin Year 1 & Year 2

Mrs Syder - Wren  Year 2

Mr Carey- Sparrow  Year 3 & Year 4

Mrs Dell- Flamingo Year 3 & Year 4

Mrs Lee - Woodpecker  Year 3 & Year 4

Miss Brooks - Dove Year 5 & Year 6

Mrs O'Toole  - Hummingbird Year 5 & Year 6

Miss Kershaw  - Canary Year 5 & Year 6